Exceptional Carpet Cleaning Services in Wildomar

wildomar carpet cleaningAre you looking for top-quality carpet cleaning and other specialty home cleaning services at competitive rates? In Wildomar, it’s Paul’s Carpet Care for the expertise, experience, and attention to detail you want. In addition to carpet and area rug cleaning, we offer granite counter top cleaning and sealing, pet stain and odor removal, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services second to none.
Founded in 1980, we have well over a quarter-century experience as a family owned and operated independent local business. Paul’s is CRITIC certified for technical expertise and holds the highest (A+) BBB rating for business ethics and customer care.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal Wildomar California

Not all stains are the same, and over-the-counter stain removers are not safe for all textiles.  The wrong match up can permanently set the stain or directly discolor or bleach the carpet.  That’s why their instructions always say to make a test in an out-of-the way spot.  Pet odors are a special case, since they contain “nutrients” for odor-causing bacteria.  Some products only mask the odor, and you’ll just be applying them over and over again.

Paul’s experts will use moisture detectors and ultra-violet light to track down the exact location, test fibers and dyes, and then properly and completely treat the problem with spot carpet cleaning as well as pet stain and odor removal treatments.

Wildomar CA History

Part of California’s original Rancho La Laguna, the land for Wildomar was purchased in 1883 to take advantage of the new railroad line going through the area. The buyers? WILliam Collier, DOnald Graham, and MARry Collier-Graham. Rail service ended in 1935 and the city languished for 50 years until the completion of Interstate 15 in 1985. Wildomar became an incorporated city in 2008 and despite the sub-prime mortgage financial crisis the city has been booming, more than doubling its population between 2000 and 2010 (when the population reached 32,176).



Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Wildomar Carpet Cleaning Services
Becky M. Temecula
If you want friendly, reliable service then call Paul's Carpet Care! Debbie, Paul and Garrett are a great team and they provide excellent service, from the first phone call to the finishing touches in-home!
Wildomar Carpet Cleaning Services
Christopher C. Murrieta
Highly recommend Paul's for reliable carpet care. He's been our 'go-to' resource for 15 years and we've never been disappointed. They're on time, thorough and friendly. Garrett did the work for us on upholstery and carpets and did a great job.
Wildomar Carpet Cleaning Services
Shari S. Murrieta
Garrett was very professional and an excellent carpet cleaner! I am so impressed how clean he got my dirty carpet! It was so bad we had it covered with throw rugs everywhere! Now I want to show it off! It's soft and beautiful!
Wildomar Carpet Cleaning Services
John and Rita, Fallbrook
This has been the first time that I can say “my carpet is really clean” you are the best carpet cleaners.
Wildomar Carpet Cleaning Services
Holly S., Murrieta
I got to know Paul and his team last spring when they cleaned my tile and grout, which hadn't been professionally cleaned in 10 years. The results were amazing! They also did a beautiful job cleaning my carpeting. When I wanted to have my white living room sofa cleaned before the holidays, they not only fit me in their busy schedule, they first tested the process, wanting to make sure I would be happy with the results before going ahead. They spent considerable time doing this, all at no cha
Wildomar Carpet Cleaning Services
Carole C. Sun City
We think you are the best and, we tell all our friends. Thank you Paul and Ralph.

Carpet Cleaning

Don’t wait until your rugs or carpeting look or feel dirty. By then dirt and grime have already built up deep in the pile where vacuuming can’t reach it. Abrasive dust and fine sand have already been grinding into fibers causing damage that shortens the carpets life. And most likely that grime is harboring allergens, bacteria, fungus, mites, and perhaps even fleas.
Rental foam or spin bonnet cleaners just don’t do the job well enough, and may even void manufacturer’s warranties. We use truck-mounted hot water extraction steam cleaning gear in accordance with the recommendations of leading manufacturers. They also recommend our use of protectants for longevity and stain resistance.
But we never steam clean fine area rugs. Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and other fine carpeting that’s hand knotted or includes wool or cotton needs extra-special cleaning to avoid various kinds of damage. That’s why we work with our sister company to conveniently meet all of your floor covering cleaning needs.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Despite clean-ups and wipe-down, counter tops still develop various kinds of build ups that cause them to loose some of their sparkle and color. For the best looking kitchen and baths, you’ll want professional granite counter top cleaning. We begin with a thorough inspection for any particular conditions and issues, then decide on the very best approach. We’ll next proceed with selected pH balanced cleansers for deep and thorough cleaning with no damage. And then finish up with a sealant to protect against staining and “erosion” from acidic foods.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

You should also have regular professional tile and grout cleaning to keep your tile floors, kitchen backsplash, and baths looking their best.  Our service will remove even deep-down grout stains that you can’t take care of yourself, even with hours of tedious work.  We’ll get your tile surfaces sparkling like new again, and will seal the grout to guard against future staining.

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Granite Counter Top Cleaning

Like carpet, upholstered sofas, chairs, and other furniture also need regular deep-cleaning more often than you might think. Besides spills and other problems, skin oils and the like actually attract dust and dirt that then penetrate underneath the fabric beyond the reach of vacuums. There they too can damage textile fibers and host other problems. Our experts will perform careful testing of all fibers and dyes to determine the very best cleaning method, followed by the right fabric guard. Many of our clients are surprised to see how much brighter and more colorful their furniture becomes.

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