Exceptional Carpet Cleaning Services in Sun City, California

Is it time for carpet cleaning in your Sun City home?  Do you need professional pet stain and odor removal services?  Are you tired of doing your own tile and grout cleaning?  Or maybe you’re wondering if upholstery cleaning or granite counter top cleaning are worthwhile.  Neglecting any of these leaves your home looking less than its best, and improper services can void warranties and do outright damage.  So why not go with a single company that can take care of it all?

Paul’s Carpet Care has been providing the Sun City area with exceptional services for over 35 years.  We’re a full-service floor, furniture, and counter top cleaning company dedicated to professionalism in both our work and our customer care.  Paul’s is a member of the Murrieta and Temecula Chambers of commerce and holds the highest A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  You can expect the best as our technicians are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspecting, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, www.iicrc.com), the leading international agency in our industry.  We’ll be happy to provide a free in-home estimate of our very affordable rates.


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Pauls Carpet Specials

Carpet Cleaning in Sun City

Don’t wait until your carpet looks dirty to do something about it.  By then deep-down grime is cutting into fibers shortening your carpet’s lifetime and is harboring fungus, bacteria, pollen, and quite possibly tiny insects.  And, no, vacuuming doesn’t reach these problems.  But did you know that many rental cleaners void the carpet’s warranty?  Our carpet service uses steam cleaning for deep-down hot water extraction as recommend by Stainmaster, Shaw, Mohawk, and other leading manufacturers.  We’ll also apply their recommended carpet protector for a longer lifetime and improved stain resistance.

Paul’s also has specialists for Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, and other fine area rugs.  We never steam clean those!  Instead we carefully inspect the the textile fibers and dyes then proceed with cold-water hand-washing and carefully controlled drying.

Sun City Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Different spots and spills, as well as different carpet and upholstery materials, make choosing the right pet stain and odor removal method more than a bit complicated.  The wrong spot remover can bleach out colors, or permanently set the stain.  And many pet odor products simply mask the smell.  It’s likely to return, and may continue harboring harmful germs.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide do-it-yourself advice.  And of course we’re ready to take care of the job for you, including tracking down an unknown location using moisture meters and black-light.  We’ll then extract the problem and neutralize odors.

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Sun City Upholstery Cleaning

Many people don’t recognize just how dull their furniture has become until after upholstery cleaning.  Our Sun City services not only restore brightness and color, we also remove deep-down grime.  And we always begin by identifying the textile and performing tests for color fastness.  To finish up, we apply fabric protection that guards against skin oils and spills so that your fine furniture will stay clean longer.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Homeowners love sparkling tile floors.  But who has the time for really thorough cleaning?  And no one enjoys the tedious back breaking work of doing that by hand.  Plus grout can become stained more deeply than homeowner methods can safely reach.  So take advantage of our affordable tile and grout cleaning services.  We’ll quickly restore your floor to look it’s absolute best, and seal the grout against future staining.  And you can check an item you may have been avoiding off your to-do list..

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Granite Counter Top Cleaning

Even with daily cleaning you still need granite counter top cleaning to restore the original sparkle.  Out experts will inspect for damage and any special conditions then choose the best approach.  We use special pH-balanced cleansers for thorough but completely safe cleaning.  We’ll then re-seal the granite to preserve its great looks.