Pet Odor Clean Up Murrieta CAWe love our pets, but accidents happen.  Has that been a recent event?  Just call Paul’s Carpet Care and we’ll take care of it with no risks to your carpet.  We’re experts in pet stain and odor removal, and know the best and safest treatment for each and every type of carpet and area rug.  We’re also experienced with upholstery cleaning after pet problems.

At Paul’s Carpet Care we take great pride in our attention to detail and in our more than 35 years experience in providing exceptional service.  As cleaning specialists we’ll apply the exactly right type of cleansers and treatments.  Our BBB A+ rating (the highest) and IICRC certification assure you that we’ll follow the very best cleaning industry practices and provide superb customer service.  We’re 100% family owned and active in local community.  Just call us for a free estimate.

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Dealing with Pet Stains and Odors

You can head off most problems if you catch them while they’re still wet. Immediately soak up all wetness with paper towels, then lay down a several layers of newspapers and stand on them for a couple of minutes to squeeze out still more moisture. Add a bit of water for dilution, then repeat the drying process. You may need to repeat this a few times until the odor is gone. For big “spills” you need to pull up the rug or carpet and also directly clean and dry the underneath.

If the puddle’s had time to dry, you’ll need to sniff out its location and then rent an extractor or wet vac to force clean water in and pull dirty water out. Do not use a steam cleaner, as that will set the stain.

Afterward, apply an odor neutralizer. Baking powder may do the trick, but bio-enzyme stain and odor removers are much more effective. But always test them on a small area that’s unlikely to be noticed as even the best can damage certain types of fibers. Avoid using vinegar and ammonia, as they may encourage your pet to “revisit” the area. Keep in mind that improper treatments may only make matters worse.

Feel free to call us for do-it-yourself advice for your particular type of carpet, area rug, or upholstery.

By the way, frequent peeing in inappropriate places often indicate a health problem, especially for cats and mature dogs, so you should check with a veterinarian

Call in a Professional Pet Odor & Stain Removal Expert

If the pet stain went untreated for too long, DIY methods may not be effective.  Or you may have a pet odor that you just can’t track down.  If so, then it’s time to call in an expert like the professionals at Paul’s Carpet Care.  We’ll use UV (ultraviolet) lights and sensitive moisture detectors to track down the problem.  We then have the expertise to know what stain removing solvents and odor treatments will be the most effective for pet stain and odor removal without harming your carpet, upholstery, or area rug.

We’ll make it quick, easy, and affordable to get everything smelling fresh and looking like new again.  Just give us a call for a free estimate.

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Pet Stain And Odor Removal
Becky M. Temecula
If you want friendly, reliable service then call Paul's Carpet Care! Debbie, Paul and Garrett are a great team and they provide excellent service, from the first phone call to the finishing touches in-home!
Pet Stain And Odor Removal
Christopher C. Murrieta
Highly recommend Paul's for reliable carpet care. He's been our 'go-to' resource for 15 years and we've never been disappointed. They're on time, thorough and friendly. Garrett did the work for us on upholstery and carpets and did a great job.
Pet Stain And Odor Removal
Shari S. Murrieta
Garrett was very professional and an excellent carpet cleaner! I am so impressed how clean he got my dirty carpet! It was so bad we had it covered with throw rugs everywhere! Now I want to show it off! It's soft and beautiful!
Pet Stain And Odor Removal
John and Rita, Fallbrook
This has been the first time that I can say “my carpet is really clean” you are the best carpet cleaners.
Pet Stain And Odor Removal
Holly S., Murrieta
I got to know Paul and his team last spring when they cleaned my tile and grout, which hadn't been professionally cleaned in 10 years. The results were amazing! They also did a beautiful job cleaning my carpeting. When I wanted to have my white living room sofa cleaned before the holidays, they not only fit me in their busy schedule, they first tested the process, wanting to make sure I would be happy with the results before going ahead. They spent considerable time doing this, all at no cha
Pet Stain And Odor Removal
Carole C. Sun City
We think you are the best and, we tell all our friends. Thank you Paul and Ralph.




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