03 Apr 2019

With the popularity of hard surface flooring in homes, you more than likely have a combination of carpet and hard surface floors, and probably some tile flooring. Tile floors are great because they can be easier to maintain than carpet, and if you spill something, it’s much easier to clean up. Some homeowners prefer tiles […]

01 Mar 2019

So, you want to wash your sofa cushion covers? You have been eyeballing your sofa for the last few weeks because you have noticed your sofa cushions are looking a little dingy, which is perfectly normal with kids, pets and every day usage. You decide to do-it-yourself and throw the cushion covers in the washing […]

06 Nov 2018

If you’ve ever dealt with smoke odors, you know that they can be a pain to remove.  This is especially true concerning the carpet.  When smoke embeds itself into the fibers of the carpet, it is extremely difficult to extract.  Unless you know a few workarounds or special methods.  But do these actually work?  Below […]

18 Dec 2014

There are methods and substances that can rid the odor associated with these types of accidents, and remove the carpet stains entirely. Here are some tips for removing pet stains from carpet: • First clean up the initial mess. If the mess is a stool, pick it up with gloves and dispose of, and if […]

15 Dec 2014
Upholstery Cleaning Murrieta CA

Choosing Us For Your Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service – Five Reasons To Do This Need a professional upholstery cleaner? Have you been looking at your couch, sofa and love seat and realized it’s long overdue? There are many reasons that people can procrastinate over using a professional, which usually comes down to money. They will […]

1. Truck mounted equipment  Truck-mounted equipment is a better choice than portable steam cleaning equipment because it exhausts the dirty air and humidity outside. Its stronger suction leaves carpets drier, too. Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the primary cleaning method for synthetic carpets. Although it’s often referred to as “steam” cleaning, […]

01 Dec 2014

Why You Should Use Our Services To Clean Your Carpet – Five Reasons You Should Consider Your ability to clean your own carpets is limited by virtue of how much time you have to spend, and the type of equipment that is available to you. Most people only have one is available at their local […]

15 Nov 2014

Our goal as professional carpet cleaners is to provide you with a healthy home or work environment.  We are experts at removing a variety of stains and odors with no residue. We can help repair and bring a dull carpet back to life with a professional deep cleaning. Here are the top four reasons you […]