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Is it time… or past time for carpet cleaning in your Murrieta home? Call Paul’s Carpet Care for exceptional expert cleaning services. In addition to wall-to-wall carpets we’re the local professionals in upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and granite counter top cleaning and sealing. We’re also happy to take care of pet stain spot-treatments and odor removal. At Paul’s we deliver quality that comes from experience and dedication. Since 1978 we’ve been constantly learning and progressing, applying the latest equipment and best practices. We fully understanding the different types of carpets and various treatments. We’re IICRC certified and hold the highest A+ rating from the BBB. So call us for a free in-home estimate for truly professional services at competitive rates.


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Carpet Cleaning in Murrieta

Don’t wait until your carpet clearly looks dirty. Long before then, abrasive grit and grime will have settled to where vacuuming can’t reach it and will have been grinding and cutting fibers. That shortens the lifetime of your carpeting, and those deep-down deposits nourish bacteria, pollen, mold, and even mites. Foam cleaners just won’t do the job either. But our steam cleaning flushes all that out.
But we don’t steam clean everything! That can severely damage oriental and other area rugs. Additionally, over-the-counter stain removers aren’t universal and can discolor or bleach many textiles. Our certified experts know exactly what to do… and what not to do. So we always start with a thorough inspection, and as needed carefully test before treating spots and stains.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

We’re specialists in pet stain and odor removal, so don’t put it off until your next carpet cleaning You certainly don’t want to put up with odors, and “pet problems” can lead to bacterial growth and other issues. Many home products simply mask odors without sanitizing (and some can harm certain types of textiles), and it’s hard to track down exact locations. We use UV lights and moisture meters to pinpoint locations and then properly remove odors and stains. We have pet stain and odor removal treatments for upholstery as well as for carpets.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Just like carpet, you need upholstery cleaning before there’s any obvious need. Skin oils and hair products attract dirt and dust, and your prized furniture becomes dingy slowly so you may not even notice it. Particles also get under the fabric and cause unnecessary wear. Our upholstery cleaning services keep your furniture lasting longer and looking better. Many of our clients are surprised just how bright and colorful their upholstered furniture looks after our services. Before treatment we’ll determine the types of textiles and test colorfastness, then proceed with methods and cleansers that are both safe and thorough. We can also apply fabric protection to help your furniture stay clean longer and give you more time to wipe up before stains have a chance to set.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our hard-surface services also include tile and grout care. If you’ve ever tried it yourself, you know how tedious that is. And how back breaking it is for tile floors. Plus, grout often experiences staining that home cleansers simply can’t remove. So make it easy on yourself and let us get your kitchen and baths sparkling like new again. As part of our tile and grout cleaning we perform thorough deep grout cleansing, and then seal the grout to protect against future staining.

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Granite Counter Top Cleaning

A surprising amount of various build-ups occur even with regular cleaning. Our professional granite counter top cleaning restores the original look and keeps it lasting long into the future. As with all of our services, we start with an inspection for any special conditions, and then apply the most appropriate pH balanced cleanser. Even the mild acids in foods will harm exposed granite, so we finish up with a sealing treatment to protect against staining and “erosion.”