22 Jan 2014

The amazing thing about tile cleaning is how it can add a fresh new look to your home! It can make your home look new again. The floors will be more vibrant in color and more appealing to the eye.

Tile and grout cleaning is required over time. If you pay no attention to it you will see it beginning to decay and deteriorate. Getting them professionally cleaned is a necessity. We have affordable rates and Paul’s Carpet Care has been serving the Lake Elsinore area for years! ┬áJust look at this before and after photo to see how much dirt and grime builds up between the tiles.

Tile Cleaning Murrieta CA


Cleaning your tile yourself is very time consuming. Professionals also clean with special equipment so it’s done more efficiently and cleaner. We have more efficient cleaning agents, a knowledgable staff, and the correct equipment to get the job done right. Tile cleaning with Paul’s Carpet Care in Lake Elsinore is the way to go! Call us now and we can arrange an appointment and give you a free estimate over the phone.