12 Feb 2013

If you’ve got rooms in your family home or business with wall-to-wall carpeting on the floors, you should have them steam cleaned on a regular basis to keep them as clean and fresh as possible. Because good-quality carpeting that has been properly taken care of increases the value of your home, you need to protect your investment by having it cleaned by experienced professionals. If your carpeting is allowed to become dirty and dingy to the extent where it is beyond repair, your home will decrease in value and you’ll lose money that you could have easily saved by having your carpets routinely steam cleaned.

Many homeowners believe that the only care their carpets need is a weekly sprinkling of an over-the-counter carpet freshening powder before running the vacuum cleaner over the surface. Unfortunately, these products only offer a temporary mask rather than any real cleaning. They can even be detrimental to the carpeting if the vacuum fails to remove all of the powder and it builds up over time. People with allergies frequently have difficulty living in homes where over-the-counter carpet freshening products are used, and the scent itself can be cloying.

Steam cleaning cleans carpets thoroughly by loosening dirt, dust and allergens from every fiber so that they can easily be removed. Clean carpets making living spaces significantly more enjoyable and may even be beneficial to the health of household occupants. For instance, carpeting in homes situated in damp climates frequently harbor infestations of black mold. Symptoms of allergic reactions to black mold range from mild, hay-fever like sneezing and mild irritation to the eyes and nose to full-blown respiratory distress than can require hospitalization.

Keeping carpets clean needn’t be a daunting task; simply take advantage of the steam cleaning services provided by skilled professionals.