06 Feb 2013

When one stain appears on the carpet, it can be removed if it is a minor one. That stain has the ability to weaken the carpet fibers if it isn’t completely removed altogether. The wrong combination of chemicals and improper cleaning technique can actually permanently damage the carpet. Professional steam carpet cleaning services can make it easier to maintain the condition of the carpet.

How is the carpet preserved?

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The right products, techniques and expertise can make all the difference in preserving the appearance of the carpet. The powerful stain removal chemicals used to treat the carpet provides an added layer of protection to each carpet fiber. The fibers are sealed during the cleaning service, which helps keep the carpet in good condition. Damaged fibers can be restored during the cleaning process. The professional treatments reduce wear and tear to the carpet over time.

Benefits of carpet cleaning services

1. Stains don’t have a chance to become too settled into the carpet.
2. Professional grade chemicals used to treat the area extends the life of the carpet.
3. The latest in carpet cleaning technology is paired with the most effective cleaning techniques to produce the best results.
4. Allergens caused by dust and other residue are reduced with these services.

Carpet is always at its best when it is new. The fibers are intact and the carpet is able to repel certain stains. As time goes by, the carpet becomes weaker and less capable of repelling certain stains. If carpet is professionally treated while it’s still in good condition, the carpet is able to keep its new, refreshed appearance.