18 Dec 2012

Fine carpeting represents a major investment for many home and business owners, but over time, even the most beautiful carpet can begin to look worn and dingy thanks to an accumulation of dirt, dust and other pollution. Our professional steam carpet cleaning services can not only bring any type of carpet back to life, it can also help to restore the carpeting to its original color and appearance and extend its longevity for many years. Scheduling a professional steam carpet cleaning service on a regular basis costs just a fraction of what installing new carpet would be.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Service Murrieta CA

Carpet Cleaning Murrieta CA

Another important benefit of using professional steam carpet cleaning services is that the equipment we use totally sanitizes the carpeting and removes harmful allergens and dust mites that build up in the carpet over time. These can prove harmful to the health of everyone in the building, especially children and pets who play on the carpet.

Green Carpet Cleaning Murrieta CA

The best steam carpet cleaning services also help to deodorize the carpet from unwanted smells and aromas including smoke and pet odors. The cleaning solutions used in our professional equipment don’t simply mask these odors, they help to remove them completely. A well-cleaned carpet brightens up any room and is best achieved by scheduling professional steam carpet cleaning services.