27 Feb 2013

Pet Odor Clean Up Murrieta CANothing negatively impacts a pleasant household ambiance more than lingering pet urine odors in indoor carpeting. Pet urine can hang on for years unless the affected area is properly cleaned. Many homeowners feel as if sprinkling supermarket carpet cleaning powder on carpets and vacuuming it up is an adequate way to rid their home of the scent of pet urine. However, this method and others like it simply provide a temporary mask for the situation that frequently makes the situation worse in the long term. Heavy perfumes used in over-the-counter cleaning products can create allergic reactions in many people as well as leave a lingering odor of their own that competes with the scent of pet urine for unpleasantness.

Urine Clean-Up Murrieta CA

Masking pet urine or any other odor-causing substance with chemical perfumes is not a long term solution for homeowners who want to thoroughly enjoy their interior living spaces. Steam cleaning is recommended by household care experts as the best way to remove pet urine odors because steam cleaning gets right down to the source of the problem and removes the offending substance. Steam cleaning does not rely and the use of harsh chemicals to do the job and can actually extend the life of most carpets due to the gentle cleaning techniques involved. Steam cleaning can be considered a beauty treatment for indoor carpeting.