TileKitchen Cleaning Murrieta CATile comes in a variety of materials, along with enough different patterns, sizes and colors to make it one of the most versatile products for many applications. In fact, it can be used of floors, ceilings, walls and any other surface. One thing most tile has in common, regardless of where it is used or the material of which it is composed is some sort of grout to seal the spaces between tiles. Grout is a cement-like material that comes in a powder form. When mixed with water, it is spread in the joints between tiles, where it hardens to a rock-like consistency. Unfortunately, even when sealed, grout remains porous and over time, can become stained and discolored.

Steam Tie & Grout Cleaning Murrieta CA

There are many reasons why the difficult process of cleaning tile grout is best left to professionals.

• We have the proper chemicals for any imaginable grout cleaning situation. Most grocery store grout cleaners can only deal with a few.
• High pressure machinery cleans deep-not just surface stains.
• Our process dries quickly, in some cases in as little as 3-4 hours.
• We take care of invisible contaminants such as mildew, fungus and bacteria.
• Our professional tile and grout cleaners combine years of experience with ongoing training and education to deliver exceptional results.