03 Apr 2019

With the popularity of hard surface flooring in homes, you more than likely have a combination of carpet and hard surface floors, and probably some tile flooring.

Tile floors are great because they can be easier to maintain than carpet, and if you spill something, it’s much easier to clean up. Some homeowners prefer tiles floors over other types of flooring because of their durability and longevity. Carpet, a soft surface can show wear areas in just a few short years depending on the type of carpet you purchase, tile floors are more durable if maintained correctly.

Mistaken Assumptions

Cleaning up spills and messes on your tile flooring may be easy with simple cleaning steps, such as sweeping and mopping. However, you are still subject to issues that take thought and effort when it comes to maintenance.

While ceramic tile is fairly non-porous, the grout lines are not. Your grout lines can soak up spills and staining substances and be very difficult to clean.

One way to prevent grout stains is to protect the grout and have grout sealed. The time to apply a sealer is when the tile floors are new or after they have been professionally cleaned.

When you have your grout sealed you will have time to clean up spills before they soak in and stain the grout. You will also help maintain the grout and the longevity of your tile floor and grout. Keeping your grout sealed is just as important as having your grout sealed for the first time. Grout sealer doesn’t last forever and will wear off over time. It is extremely important to have your tile floors professionally cleaned and sealed every 3 – 5 years depending on the traffic in your home.

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