Polished concrete floors are a natural alternative to more traditional floor coverings.  In many ways they’re perfect — low cost, durable, low maintenance, slip resistant, and eco-friendly.  And surprisingly attractive.  We provide quality concrete polishing services throughout the Temecula area, including Menifee, Murrieta, Wildomar, and Winchester.

It’s Trending

Until recently most people assumed that concrete floors had to be covered with carpet, laminate, tile, or vinyl.  But in the last 5 years or so, concrete floor polishing has become a more and more popular alternative.  Thanks in part to new innovations, polished concrete floors have become common in auto dealerships, hotels, restaurants, retail, schools, and warehouses.  With skilled staining polished concrete has even worked its way past residential garages and into the home.  A few photos should convince you that it’s both economical and great looking.

Benefits of Polishing

  • Linoleum, Laminate, Vinyl, Tile, and Carpet are all types of flooring that will need to be replaced in time Using your preexisting concrete subfloor will be lifelong and much easier to clean and maintain. If you’re like most people, you’ll be surprised how great concrete looks. Especially when decorative staining adds color, borders, and patterns.

More Than Just Economical and Good Looking

Concrete floor polishing is more than just a cost-saving alternative to carpet, linoleum, or laminate.  It’s the best combination of appearance, cost, and durability ever.  It’s also eco-friendly, saving the energy and materials involved in manufacturing and installing floor coverings.  Polishing concrete actually makes the surface more stain and scratch resistant as well as much easier to clean.  There’s essentially no regular maintenance needed, and there are no grout lines to deal with.  All this makes it perfect for any high-traffic area.

The process of polishing concrete solves moisture and vapor pressure issues and there’s no bubbling, flaking, or peeling.  That also avoids mold growth underneath flooring materials, common in slab-on-grade construction.  Having the surface effectively sealed reduces dust and allergy issues as well.  Abrasion-resistant, polished concrete is also non-slip and passes OSHA SCOF safety requirements.

What About Epoxy Coating?

Polishing concrete also has advantages over epoxy coatings and other sealants.  The results are stain resistant, won’t yellow with age, and won’t bubble with moisture.  It uses green products with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and there’s no long drying and curing time as when an epoxy coating has been applied.

Our Services

We provide residential and commercial concrete polishing services for new and existing construction.

Rather than just applying a surface coating, our concrete polishing services start with a densifier.  It’s water-based so there are no hazardous fumes as it penetrates deeply into pores.  There it chemically reacts with the concrete and crystallizes, making the concrete denser and even more durable and more resistant to moisture and oils.  We then use diamond-embedded sanding and polishing to finer and finer grit until we achieve the surface you’ve chosen.  Our Services Include

  • Garage Floor Polishing and Color Staining
  • Concrete Crack Fill and Repair
  • In Home Concrete Floor Polishing and Color Staining
  • Color Marbling, and Color Stenciling,

Dyes can provide a huge range of colors, and with special cutting, they can produce borders and other patterns.  Stencils can be used to produce decorative multi-color patterns, even highly wear-resistant logos.

Choose Paul’s

We’re carpet cleaning and concrete polishing experts for today’s floors — affordable, fast, and dependable with outstanding results.  In business since 1978, we strictly follow manufacturers’ warranty requirements and best practices.  Our expertise also includes carpet cleaning and stain removal, tile and grout cleaning, and granite counter top restoration.  Through ongoing education, we always understand the latest technologies, so we can choose the best products and provide the very best service.

Southern California Notes

Most residential and commercial buildings in our Southern California service area (Menifee, Murrieta, Temecula, Wildomar, and Winchester CA) use concrete slab-on-grade foundations.  That, in turn, requires attention to vapor barriers (and/or sealing) to block ground moisture.  Otherwise, mold becomes a problem and many flooring materials may become damaged.  That also makes concrete polishing & coating a natural choice.