03 Jan 2014

There are some things that you can do to your house to make the house smell and look better. One of those things you can be done to help improve your home is to get the carpet cleaned by professionals. There are many benefits to getting your carpet cleaned professionally by Paul’s Carpet Cleaning. By […]

05 Sep 2013

Rug Cleaning Wildomar CA Rugs are beautiful staples in your home that add a nice touch of family and color usually. Rugs are most of the time very expensive and they’re an investment. That’s why it’s important to take care of them and their some common mistakes people make with their rugs. One easy tip […]

13 Mar 2013

What is better than steam cleaning for your carpet? The answer is nothing! That’s right; steam cleaning is still the best method of cleaning one of the most important items in your home –your carpeting. Steam cleaning uses water, which is the main method for cleaning anything, but more importantly, it uses hot water, very […]

06 Mar 2013

Green carpet cleaning services improve the air that people breathe and free the environment of hazardous chemicals. Plenty of green cleaning products are being made every year. Our cleaning service providers have eco-friendly cleaning solutions to all filthy problems. Technology is improving in the industry as well, making the solutions safer and easier. Our green […]

27 Feb 2013

Nothing negatively impacts a pleasant household ambiance more than lingering pet urine odors in indoor carpeting. Pet urine can hang on for years unless the affected area is properly cleaned. Many homeowners feel as if sprinkling supermarket carpet cleaning powder on carpets and vacuuming it up is an adequate way to rid their home of […]

20 Feb 2013

Children, food and animals are major reasons to pursue Oriental rug cleaning services. Finely woven rugs made in the Middle East need to be taken care of by professionals. The value of the rug is retained when money is invested in proper maintenance. There are various ways to maintain fine rugs like there are ways […]

20 Feb 2013

If you have an old sofa or a love seat that you are thinking about getting rid of because it has a few stains, this is no longer an option. Instead, you can hire our company to come out and take care of all of your upholstery cleaning needs. We will work hard to make […]

12 Feb 2013

If you’ve got rooms in your family home or business with wall-to-wall carpeting on the floors, you should have them steam cleaned on a regular basis to keep them as clean and fresh as possible. Because good-quality carpeting that has been properly taken care of increases the value of your home, you need to protect […]

06 Feb 2013

When one stain appears on the carpet, it can be removed if it is a minor one. That stain has the ability to weaken the carpet fibers if it isn’t completely removed altogether. The wrong combination of chemicals and improper cleaning technique can actually permanently damage the carpet. Professional steam carpet cleaning services can make […]