21 Aug 2013

Cute video of a husky puppy playing with shadows. The puppy is trying to attack the shadow and it’s adorable! It’s like a baby and how they are beginning to learn and associate things and what they are. This dog hasn’t grasped that you can’t physically touch a shadow yet. Very cute though! My friend […]

15 Aug 2013

Cute video of a bunch of golden retrievers swimming and I love the opening when they all dive in! Golden retrievers are fantastic dogs and I just love them to death. I have never honestly met one that does NOT like water all the ones I’ve met it’s been hard to get them out of […]

11 Jul 2013

Amazing Dog Factoids 1) German Shepherd guide dog led her blind companion the entire 2100-mile Appalachian Trail 2) A female dog can have 66,000 dogs in 6 years that’s why it’s so important to spay your dogs. 3) Dogs sweat glands are in their paws. 4) Basset Hounds cannot swim. 5) 1,000,000 dogs in the […]

04 Jul 2013

Fun Dog Facts 1) It’s rumored that, at the end of the Beatles song, “A Day in the Life,” Paul McCartney recorded an ultrasonic whistle that only dogs can hear. 2) Dogs and humans have the same type of slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement. During this REM stage dogs can dream. 3) 72% […]

25 Jun 2013

This Bulldog is adorable sleeping on the couch. He is so cute he makes me want one. Dogs are adorable when they sleep. They are comfortable and happy and content with life. They more than likely sleep better than us since they don’t have to worry about bills, money, and so forth. That must be […]

20 Jun 2013

These are cute German Shepherd puppies that are playing and being adorable! Puppies love playing and socializing and it’s so good for them! I love puppies and how amazing they are always so happy and in love with their owners. I love german shepherds because they are so friendly and fast paced little creatures! I […]