21 Oct 2013

Dogs communicate in their own ways. Like yawning, panting, whining usually means their tense and nervous and maybe in pain especially older dogs will pant and pant because they are in pain and that’s how they release that. There has been so many studies on tails and how that speaks thousand and thousands of words. […]

14 Oct 2013

Very cute video of a dog talking to his owner. There is no hard evidence that dogs talk to each other but by observing them I think they most certainly do. I think sometimes they are even attempting to tell us things. Their vocal chords are very limited in what they’re able to say but […]

07 Oct 2013

This is a funny dog video that shows a bunch of clips of guilty dogs. My dog makes the cutest face in the world when she does something wrong and then she’ll walk in circles biting at her tail. Then she’ll give me a little bark. It’s adorable it’s like she is saying i’m adorable […]

30 Sep 2013

Very cute video. I enjoyed the video and I loved the boxer puppies running on the treadmill. That Boston terrier has the funniest face and is extremely cute! I loved the Boxer trying to run up the slide too. And that cute little dachshund puppy barking at himself in the mirror was adorable! And I’ve […]

24 Sep 2013

The families dog Borg runs out to let everyone know that the owner was hit by a car and saves the day. Borg ran into the road to alert more people that someone is in the road. The man ended up with just some minor injuries but at least this dog saved the day. It’s […]

19 Sep 2013

This is a short video of this pet wolf that is in this ladies home. It’s amazing to see it and to realize that the apple has not fell far from the tree. It really hasn’t been that long since we have domesticated animals. 33,000 years ago is kind of what they are guessing we […]

04 Sep 2013
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Very cut video of a english bull dog puppy sleeping on the couch. She is literally passed out on her back sprawled out snoozing. I love it. Dogs are adorable when they are so exhausted like this. I can’t even take my eyes of this pup. She is “dog” tired. It’s amazing how puppies play […]