01 Apr 2014

83.3 Million homes have dogs.   These dogs have an accident from time to time.  And pet urine can seep through carpet, into the padding and can cause an odor.  It’s always best to get to these problems right away but sometimes these issues happen when we are at work.  Pet Urine stains can cause […]

27 Mar 2014

Paul’s Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning carpets since 1978.  We’ve seen a lot but one thing that we know for sure is ensuring customers are always happy with us.  Here is 5 Fail Proof Tips on any stains you may have in your home! 1) Remember to ALWAYS Blot!  Never scrub anything in.  This will […]

06 Feb 2014

If your home is looking a bit shabby these days, it could have a lot to do with the state of your carpet. It’s easy to let a carpet go to the point when a good cleaning is an absolute necessity. People coming in from the outdoors, tracking in dirt, snow, salt, mud and other […]

27 Jan 2014

The majority of homes in the United States have carpet.  If you have carpets you need to make sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure you protect your investment. When cleaning your carpets you are extending it’s life and protecting your home from bad indoor air quality.  Your air, your family, […]

18 Dec 2012

Fine carpeting represents a major investment for many home and business owners, but over time, even the most beautiful carpet can begin to look worn and dingy thanks to an accumulation of dirt, dust and other pollution. Our professional steam carpet cleaning services can not only bring any type of carpet back to life, it […]

15 Nov 2012

Whether you are in need of carpet cleaning for your home or your business, let our professional and highly-trained staff show you how steam-cleaning technology can transform your home or office and provide you with a safer and more healthy lifestyle. If you were to view your carpets under a microscope, you would be shocked […]