Here are Carpet Tips for the Homeowner In California:
Carpet Cleaning Murrieta CA
1) Vacuum on a regular basis. At least 1-2 times a week. If you have pets and kids two times a week or more is ideal.

2) Add Baking Soda to your vacuum bad to help eliminate odors. Baking Soda will actually neutralize the smell.

3) Vacuum slowly and in different directions. Sometimes a vacuum may not pick up and when you vacuum in a different direction in this same spot you may pick it up this time. Take your time and be efficient. It helps us, Paul’s Carpet Care, clean your carpets better if there is a thorough vacuum cleaning before we arrive.

4) You always want to vacuum more often in areas where there is high traffic. For example, pay close attention to entry ways and hallways. In these areas dirt is being tracked in and when people keep walking over it the dirt gets deeper into the carpet bed.

5) It’s always wise for your carpet cleaner to put on a scotch gaurd or some kind of protector on your carpets after cleaning. These protectors will keep the spills and liquids on the surface and will help in not letting the liquid travel deeper into the pad.