27 Mar 2014

Paul’s Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning carpets since 1978.  We’ve seen a lot but one thing that we know for sure is ensuring customers are always happy with us.  Here is 5 Fail Proof Tips on any stains you may have in your home!WineSpill-300x200

1) Remember to ALWAYS Blot!  Never scrub anything in.  This will make the stain go deep into the carpet and into the pad.  Once you’ve done this you’ll have no choice but to call a cleaner to attempt to get the stain out.  So, blot as soon as it happens!

2) Always remember that salt and vinegar mixtures are great for making stains raise to the service of the carpet.

3) The majority of stains you can blot and get out with a cleaning mixture of detergent and warm water.  Just don’t use too much water and always remember if you go over board with the water it can cause the stain to seriously spread.  So, just remember to not over do it.

4) Always remember the faster you get to a stain the better!  A stain that has been left a while will take longer to get out and lots of times you will have to hire a professional to come in and clean.

5) When in doubt Call Us!  Paul’s Carpet Cleaning will give you tips over the phone or come out and remove that nasty stain for you!