15 Nov 2012

Whether you are in need of carpet cleaning for your home or your business, let our professional and highly-trained staff show you how steam-cleaning technology can transform your home or office and provide you with a safer and more healthy lifestyle. If you were to view your carpets under a microscope, you would be shocked with the amount of dust particles and dirt that embeds itself deep into your carpet. Every day, foot track deposits more dirt into the fibers.

Murrieta Carpet Cleaning

CarpetCleaning Murrieta CA

Other times, individuals spill wine, coffee, and other liquids into the fibers that leave stains that are difficult to remove. But the best steam-cleaning service is a safe, reliable, and effective alternative to replacing carpet or scrubbing it yourself with abrasive carpet cleaning liquids. The high heat of the steam releases stubborn particles and stains, leaving your carpet clean and looking as if it is newly installed.

Carpet Cleaners Murrieta CA

We use only fresh, clean water to release dirt and stains. You will not be disappointed with the results when you see what a difference steam-cleaning technology can make in your home or office. Call us today to discuss the packages we offer and get started with living a healthier and safer lifestyle with fresh, new carpets.