01 Apr 2014

83.3 Million homes have dogs.   These dogs have an accident from time to time.  And pet urine can seep through carpet, into the padding and can cause an odor.  It’s always best to get to these problems right away but sometimes these issues happen when we are at work.  Pet Urine stains can cause damage to the carpet and sometimes it’s best to called a professional cleaner depending on the problem. Carpet Cleaning Murrieta CA

Some things you want to do in attempts to get the stain is to blot the urine and make an attempt to get up as much liquid as possible.  When urine seeps into the padding that’s when it becomes a big issue.  Carpet cleaners have the equipment that can suck up the liquid and clean the area so it makes the problem smell much better.

At Paul’s Carpet Care we always have high quality of work and customers are always happy when we leave.   We know what it takes to give you the full and complete cleaning. We are your Murrieta & Surrounding areas carpet cleaning specialists.  We first started carpet cleaning in 1978.  We are experienced and very knowledgeable about the industry’s products and equipment.  We knows carpets!  And we know how to clean them!  Give us a call for a free estimate!