13 Mar 2013

What is better than steam cleaning for your carpet? The answer is nothing! That’s right; steam cleaning is still the best method of cleaning one of the most important items in your home –your carpeting.

Steam cleaning uses water, which is the main method for cleaning anything, but more importantly, it uses hot water, very hot. Hot water is central in getting anything truly clean, since heat is necessary to break up grease. The combination of hot water and a grease-breaking product is the single best way to get anything clean. Without the two, many stains will simply be left intact.

More importantly, steam cleaning is the best method because it completely removes everything from your carpeting. In dry cleaning, very few of the chemicals used are removed from your carpet. That means that, not only are soaps or other chemicals left behind in your home’s carpet, but because many of those things that dry cleaning leaves behind in your carpet may actually attract and hold dirt, it also means that your carpet may actually get dirtier again faster. Steam cleaning removes most unwanted material from your carpet as it cleans.

That means with steam cleaning your carpets not only get cleaner and are healthier for you and your family, they will actually stay cleaner longer.